Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life Education

Today at the Life Education Mobile Classroom, we learnt about the harmful effects alcohol has on your body.
Too much alcohol can make your kidneys sick.
It takes 3 hours for 3 glasses to break down.
The liver can't clear too much alcohol.
Alcohol goes through the digestive system.
If the liver is overloaded with alcohol, it travels straight to the blood.
Too much alcohol affects your brain.
The intestines squeeze alcohol into the blood.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life Education

Our first quest at the Life Education Mobile Classroom was to learn about the difference between harmful and helpful drugs. Can you remember what some of these words were about?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Welcome to Room 6

Kia ora! Talofa! Malo e lelei! Mhoroi! Namastey!Welcome to Room 6 blogger. We will be sharing our learning with you as the year goes by. At present, we have 29 students in our class- 13 girls and 16 boys. One thing Mrs Adams has already discovered about us is that we are a lively bunch, who like to laugh a lot. 

This year we have new names for our syndicates. We have been doing some writing about the names of our new syndicates and the trophies that go with the names. 

The Koru reminds me of a fern. The Juniors are called Te Roopu Koru because they are the new students. The Koru looks like a new kid starting school. It sounds like Juniors asking what to do and where to go. It feels like a different place from home.
By Angel

The Matau

The middles are called ‘Te Roopu Matau’  because the middles are collecting the treasure in them before they move on to the seniors- then they give their treasure away.
The matau symbolises prosperity.
It reminds me of a swamp and a fishing hook.
It looks like a fishing hook and swamp.
It feels like starting something new and growing up.
It sounds like being nervous, scared and laughter.
                                                                                                                                    By Teana

The patu symbolises leadership. It is like being a leader and a captain. It reminds me of fishing.
The seniors are called Te Roopu Patu because a patu is a weapon to take up challenges.
By Logan