Monday, June 29, 2015

Cultural Day

What a fun day celebrating the different cultures at Trentham School! Well done to those who dressed in something to represent their culture.

We made fried bread which is a winner in the Maori culture and is also common across a number of cultures. We'll done to our chefs. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Trip to Expressions

Arrived at Expressions...

We got our instructions...

 Inside the gallery...

We had 10 minutes to choose our favourite photo...

We took some photos  around the place...

We printed out the photographs...

We jumped on the bus back to school 
And finished the day :)

By AJ and Praise

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tell Me Your Story

Today we finished our integrated-inquiry on NZ history and how the past shapes the future. Mrs Tito came in to tell us about the murals on our school buildings and the migration timeline. Now it is our turn to tell our story. How has our history contributed to diversity in NZ?


Purpose: The paintings were done to reflect the different diversities in our school. These were done in 2011 before Mrs Tito retired.

  • Maori in NZ first
  • Takahe- endangered bird from the South Island
  • Waka for the arrival of the Maori
  • Wharenui
  • Flax
  • 1600s approx.
  • Arrival of the European settlers about 1860
  • Petone foreshore
  • Endeavour
  • Cabbage tree
  • What are doing here?
  • Nothing here
  • Mother, father- beard- hard to shave
  • looking back to what they have come from
  • up to16 weeks to travel on a ship to NZ
  • travel was by ox-carts; like big cows
  • 1960s Airline ‘Teal’- Tasman Empire Airlines
  • Ferry to cross the Cook Strait then down to Lyttelton harbour by Christchurch
  • Petrol was sold in gallons
  • Butter was sold in shillings
  • Milk was 3 cents a pint
  • Young European girl dressed like the ‘Beatles’- fashion of the 60s
  • Pacific Islanders 70s and 80s
  • NZ wanted more people here
  • Came and worked in the factories
  • Michael Taafua painted this- Rudolph’s brother
  • Came as families
  • Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world  
  • 2000s
  • Asians started arriving in larger numbers
  • dragons, paper lanterns, Chinese girl, high mountains
  • Chinese did come to NZ earlier as well as they came for the ‘Gold Rush’
  • Chinese introduced Market Gardens and Chinese restaurants- lots of new vegetables that we didn’t have before
  • 2000s?
  • Chout’s sister painted this- Ayuen
  • People from Africa came to NZ
  • wildlife
  • huts
  • pampas grassl
  • civil war- refugees
  • needed housing, education, food, health care etc
  • diversity at Trentham School
  • Multi-cultural
  • Different languages

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


June 18 is the official date for Matariki this year. Today we listened to the legend 'The Seven Stars of Matariki' that tells how the star cluster came into being.

Find out more by clicking on this link!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Letter from a Soldier

A Letter From A Soldier
Dear mum and dad

This may be the last time you ever hear from me, even though I’m not even a soldier. As a nurse, the enemy team could kill me whenever they have an opportunity. All I see is dead bodies EVERYWHERE! There is no peace, but last and most importantly I can’t see my lovely family.The deafening sound of bullets being fired is just so frightening and also my mates calling for help. I almost feel like crying and I am always listening for commands from my leader. The smell of dead bodies, disgusting insects, mud and gunpowder do not make my day. All it does is give me a headache. I feel sad, lonely and cold, but I am and always will be proud to fight for my country. We eat dirty vegetables, tea, dirty water, and when I go and help, mud always flicks right into my mouth. Even if I never see you again you can always look for me in your heart.

Hopefully see you again
Rachel Moores

By Allysha Connor

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Girl
On Thursday the 4th of June Room 6 did some writing on Sharbat Gula which is about an Afghanistan girl. This photo was taken in 1989 and is located at Expressions in Upper Hutt and is moving to New plymouth in July. The Patu syndicate is taking a trip to Expressions later on in the term. Here is Trevor Werahiko’s writing. Enjoy!!!Original (450 × 680)

Afghan Girl by Trevor Werahiko
When I first saw the picture I thought she was a person off a movie until I read the story. She was a normal Afghan girl. When I saw her eyes,they sparkled like blue diamonds. Her torn poncho was ripped and had faded patterns. Her name was Sharbat Gula. Her dusty face looked like she was 15 but she was only 12 and her face looked shocked like it was the first camera she had ever seen and it was the first. The red gloomy hair was like she hadn't brushed it in  days. It looked like she was alone in the wild.

By Trevor Werahiko

Blog written by AJ Vemoa

Monday, June 8, 2015

Arbor Day

Thanks to Mrs Su'a and Mrs Tito for taking our Gardening Club students to plant trees today as part of an Arbor Day project.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


   Diversity is …

              about being different and having lots of variety... for example,you can have different skin,food,work,sport,cultures,homes,gardens,languages and personalities. We are all unique in our own ways.

Diversity is when you are different to other people. You are different but everyone else is too. If everyone was the same we would not have diversity in New Zealand.

New Zealand has changed over the years and has become more and more diverse. New Zealand is not that big, but it is big enough for the people that are in it. We can have more people- lots more.

Diversity started many years ago with the Maori arriving on their waka and it's carried on ever since.

Diversity is a big part of New Zealand. It's been in New Zealand for decades and even centuries, so don’t hassle people for who they are because you are as different as they are.

by Oscar