Thursday, April 30, 2015

ANZAC Commemoration

I was feeling sad but not for me- for everyone who had someone that had passed away which is really sad. As Simon Wasley was talking about what Anzac Day was about, it was really interesting.

Then when Te Roopu Waiata was singing it really made me think about why they were fighting and when NZ and Australia landed on the wrong beach. Could you imagine what would have happened if they all landed on the right beach? Everything could have been different- more people could have survived.

During this, the choir were singing happy songs.
After that two kids from each syndicate read out a poem from the Patu team. It was AJ and Connor.

Then the wreaths were placed underneath the NZ flag. Also Simon Wasley read out the Ode in Maori then in English. We all said the last line together. “WE WILL REMEMBER THEM”.

After that the flag was lowered while we  were in silence then the flag was raised in silence while Misikone was playing the trumpet.

The last thing we did was all sing the National Anthem.We will remember all the soldiers that put their lives on the line.

by Jordyn

Room 6

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