Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Girl
On Thursday the 4th of June Room 6 did some writing on Sharbat Gula which is about an Afghanistan girl. This photo was taken in 1989 and is located at Expressions in Upper Hutt and is moving to New plymouth in July. The Patu syndicate is taking a trip to Expressions later on in the term. Here is Trevor Werahiko’s writing. Enjoy!!!Original (450 × 680)

Afghan Girl by Trevor Werahiko
When I first saw the picture I thought she was a person off a movie until I read the story. She was a normal Afghan girl. When I saw her eyes,they sparkled like blue diamonds. Her torn poncho was ripped and had faded patterns. Her name was Sharbat Gula. Her dusty face looked like she was 15 but she was only 12 and her face looked shocked like it was the first camera she had ever seen and it was the first. The red gloomy hair was like she hadn't brushed it in  days. It looked like she was alone in the wild.

By Trevor Werahiko

Blog written by AJ Vemoa

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