Thursday, August 13, 2015

Egg Float

We want to find out whether things float better in salt water or plain water.
I think that the water will stay on top of the salt water but when you put the egg in it will mix.
What we need:
  • One egg
  • Water
  • Salt
  • A tall drinking glass
What we will do:
  1. Pour water into the drinking glass until it is about half full.
  2. Stir in lots of salt (about 6 tablespoons)
  3. Carefully pour in plain water until the glass is nearly full (be careful not to disturb or mix the salty water with the plain water).
  4. Gently lower the egg into the water and watch what happens.

What happened:

We weren’t allowed to touch the water so we lowered the egg gently so once the egg was touching the top of the water, then I let it go.
The egg stopped going down once it got to the middle. The egg stopped where the salt water was so it looked like it was floating.
We found out that salt water is denser than normal water and things will float on salt water and not on normal water like how people float on the dead sea that's because of the salt so that's why the egg can float on the salt water.
Science Idea
What is the scientific reasoning?

Oscar's reason
There is water on the top and salt water at the bottom and water pushes it down and salt water pushes it up so the egg stays in between but we all failed and mixed it (:.

Manish‘s reason
Well the salt makes like a salt surface for the egg because since the salt is around the middle it is making like a surface for the egg and then water is at the the top so the egg would float around the middle and that is why it makes it float.

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