Monday, October 19, 2015

Orongomai Marae Visit

At the Marae today we got to hear about the names of some of the tukutuku panels and what they stand for. Now we need to find out more about them ourselves. Thank you to the kaumatua who welcomed  us and to Koka Tangi, Whaea Briony and Henare Parker who took us on to the Marae.

On the 19th of October, Matau and the Patu syndicates from Trentham School had a visit to Orongomai Marae.
The main reason why was to learn about the tukutuku panels.
Because our hall is getting done up, Ms Su’a was wondering what us kids would want it to look like.
There were a whole heap to like, and a story to go with some of the tukutuku panels, like one of my personal favorites was about Roimata.
Roimata’s story was about a bird family and one bird went out to find something to eat while the other one looked after the eggs and meanwhile the one on the eggs was getting worried that the other hadn’t come back.
The Mahi Toi group had to perform our masterpiece in front of the others because they didn’t have a chance to see it last term due to wet weather and because our hall is getting renovated.
The Kohanga Reo did a little performance too - they were so adorable.
After a long wait for our bus to arrive, we finally got to school and were just in time for our Danish Rounders game.

by AJ Vemoa
Room 6

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