Friday, February 5, 2016

Room 6 Cyber Safety Contract

These are the ideas we came up with today, for keeping ourselves safe when we use our devices or school chrome books. It is a work in progress so will be updated time to time.

 Room 6 Cyber Safety Contract 2016

Only work on what has been agreed on as a class- don’t go and start emailing or playing games from home.

Don’t email people you don’t know.

Facebook accounts should only be used with a parent. Facebook is for 16 year olds and above. Facebook is not allowed to be used at school.

Tell the teacher straight away if something inappropriate comes up on our device.

Be careful what you click on when going onto you tube.

Don’t share personal information like photos with your name, where you live, passwords…

Don’t try and get into other people’s accounts.

No downloading unless having permission.

Any feedback given to your peers online must be respectful, encouraging and relevant.

Personal devices are not to be shared.

Respect school devices and look after them carefully.


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