Friday, May 13, 2016

Robots Will Take Our Jobs in the Future

Autumn wrote a great persuasive text about her views on robots taking our jobs in the future.

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Will robots take over our jobs in the future?
I strongly believe that robots will take our jobs in the future.

My first reason is that  everyone knows  that 72% of humans in New Zealand are lazy and do not want to work because they could always have a robot to do it for them for even cheaper. I bet that humans will not have to leave their house in the future if they do not want to, because the robots will do it all for them.  

My second reason is that they will take over because they are already taking all of the risky jobs away and all the boring jobs and I bet that they just want to start small. The bad thing is because once a robot figures out how to create another robot he will go crazy with power. Just like putting milk caps onto the milk, there is even a robot that plays the bass guitar.

My final comment is that there is even a robot who has completed a successful surgery and they are even working on making it do it all by itself. See what I mean people! Stop making robots please! I do not like them!

My conclusion is that I think that robots will take over the world one day but are starting small and getting humans under their spell!

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