Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lemons and Life

Motivational Speech: Lemons and Life             by Lucas Noble

Imagine, that you and everyone else has a lemon... one that can change how you feel, act and think. Life doesn’t give you lemons, life IS THE LEMON and you’ve got to squeeze ALL of that juicy lemonade out of your lemon!

I am going to show you how your lemon works, so here you go!

Basics of your lemon
Of course, you can’t squeeze that lemon on your own. You need other people to help you! When someone helps you, they help you squeeze that juicy lemonade into your cup and when you say thank you, you’re helping them squeeze your lemon! Also, when you help someone, as I just said, your lemon gets squeezed too! WARNING- there is a tiny hole in everyone’s lemon, and ANYONE, absolutely ANYONE can enter it if you’re not careful. Others can help guard your lemon.

When someone is mean to you, your lemon gets spat in, and when you lemon gets spat in, it rots.Your whole lemon (or life) is ruined- you’re as sad as a cat without its food. But your lemon isn’t the only one - when that person is mean to you, its lemon rots a bit too.

Recovering from pain and tips on defending your lemon
If you don’t guard your lemon, the wrong people can get in, and can cause a lot, sorry I mean A LOT! of damage.They could rot it up, they could mix your lemonade with their disgusting, deadly words and punches, or worst of all, even end it FOREVER! You only get given one lemon, so take care of it while it lasts, and have fun with it too! If you are wondering “How can I defend my lemon?” Then, you can do it by getting help from friends or family, keeping aware of who is near your lemon, and deciding what is good to enter your lemon and what is not. BEWARE -
some may look innocent, but they are really just wanting to trick you into thinking they’re safe, so keep clear of that!

Having fun with your lemon
Every night, in your sleep, your lemon is filling up with more lemonade to get you ready for the next day, and gets rid of some bad things, but other bad things might stay a little longer. Sometimes it can be quick but sometimes it can be slow (or even take years).
But in the end have fun in life and learn to get more juice, and squeeze it all out later.
Sometimes you might be doing something that feels good, but the lemonade being squeezed, isn’t landing in the cup. OH NO! It’s all over the floor now, and you slip over it. Smoking to some people seems “fun” but it has bad consequences that slowly rot your lemon.

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