Sunday, August 14, 2016


Purpose: to inform the reader about New Zealand rivers and the importance of keeping them healthy

Rivers are wonderful sources of power and water but some of us take clean water for granted!
Most rivers in New Zealand used to be clean enough to drink but now there are hardly any!
Now it is very rare to find fresh drinking water in rivers!

Rivers provide an excellent habitat and food for wildlife. Lots of rare plants grow near or in rivers and some can clean the water and provide nutrients. Rivers are really good at providing energy on the steep hills where water runs fast. Rivers also provide transport for boats and kayaks.

There are so many things that can pollute the water- fertiliser runoff, (chemicals for plants etc), pollution from factories that can get in the water table, and people in boats releasing waste in the water like oil. One of the worst ways water can get polluted is from farms or just from senseless people dropping rubbish that ends up in the water!

If we all care more about the water this wouldn't be a problem but some of us don't be careful around water. If factories find a way to produce less waste this wouldn't be as big as a problem. We could try to use more eco friendly products and have a stricter rule for dropping rubbish like in Singapore where they fine you heaps of money for dropping rubbish. We could make this rule in New Zealand as well.

Rivers are amazing but we shouldn’t take them for granted. We need to have stricter rules on dropping rubbish and try to be more eco friendly.



  1. good job room 6 you guys have been learning so many amazing things through out the year, when your at intermidiate like me i beat you guys will be real smart

    P.S can't wait to see some of u next year :)

  2. also well done to u caleb too.