Monday, March 13, 2017

The Day I went to the Aquarium

I went to the aquarium in the holidays... you probably think this is going to be DEAD BORING, but trust me, it won’t be. You see, I was going to the aquarium and I only just remembered when it was 6 o’clock in the morning! I was out of bed like a rocket flying into my wall! It’s time to go to the aquarium.

We drove away in a loud Mitsubishi Galant! It was as loud as a ROARING tiger! I almost fell asleep in the car because I was on a 6 hour drive. I was super excited about seeing all the fish and sharks! There might even be a stingray! I was as excited as someone having a birthday party!

Finally, we were at the aquarium. I was too excited to even SPEAK back
then. It was so INCREDIBLY EPIC IN THE SHARK WALKTHROUGH- THERE WAS EVEN A STINGRAY FLOATING ACROSS THE TOP OF THE TANK!!! I was like,”Wow, this gonna be sooooo cool!” I could smell a weird smell coming from the squid tank. It smelt like squid ink. I really wasn’t surprised since it was coming from the squid tank. It smelt a little bit like paint. It was so terrible. It smelt as bad as a toilet that had only just been flushed.

We looked in the squid tank and the water throughout the whole tank was completely black. We stared in amazement as the person who worked at the aquarium cleaned out the squid tank. THE SQUID KILLED 2 FISH!!! It made the WHOLE tank black again. I was thinking, “Oh my goodness, is the squid sick or something!?” It was super exciting!

We drove home in our Mitsubishi Galant! The trip was outstanding! You should go to the aquarium and look at all the SPEEDING fish. The fish were swimming around 70 km per hour! Maybe the stingray will be there again if you go…
On the other hand…

By Riley

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