Thursday, April 6, 2017

Describe a Stormy Night

Pitch black in the dark, all alone I felt afraid. Unusual sounds coming from downstairs with all the power out and no lights. Thunder was as loud as a setup bomb, lightning looked like the sky was about to disappear and the wind sounded like a howling wolf.

I run to my blanket in pitch black and cover myself head to feet. I have a little peek and see a light, I get a sudden feeling that it is someone trying to see if I am alright but… It wasn’t somebody it was something! Lightning starts and thunder starts rumbling like my empty tummy. It grows brighter and brighter and louder and louder as I hide under the blankets like I am a dead squashed bug.

Meanwhile I did fall asleep, imagining what it would be like without loud rumbling thunder and bright lightning. I wake up as the thunder is still continuing. I think to myself, “That is the one and only time I am falling asleep tonight.”

It was just past midnight and I was still wide awake with nothing to do.

by Bree

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