Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Bird House for our Treemendous Space

Room 6 have been thinking about things for the Treemendous Garden.

Nearly all of Room 6 have been REALLY thinking about having bird baths for our native birds to have fun and make them feel at home.

Please, we would love to support these bird baths for our native birds to enjoy. We would love to have pigeons and other sort of birds to feel at home and also let us see them up close, being happy, playful and enjoying their time at Trentham School!

We love our birds so we should keep them clean and not smelly (in a bad way) because it will help them live and drink to be healthy. If we get a bird house they will have a great time because they will live there as their home. They will lay eggs and spread more native birds around.

We will be able to feed them with bird food to live in nests! If we have a small shed full of seeds and bird food, that will be awesome to put down and feed the birds. We would be able to store hay for the birdhouse. Comfee flooring!

Finally we want our native birds to feel at home and to not become extinct or something bad that could happen to our loveable native birds.

Please build a birdhouse and bird bath. It would be amazing to have a tiny shed full of bird food and hay for the birds! Bet’ ya they would love it there!

We have been challenged to make the best birdhouse and bird bath for the cute fluffy birds!

                                                                                                        By Scarlett Askew

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