Friday, July 24, 2015

Bubbling Lava Lamp

This term we are doing scientific investigations looking at 'Cause and Effect'. Our first experiment this week was to make a bubbling lava lamp.

We want to find out if oil, water, and aspirin make a bubbling lava lamp.
I think that the aspirin in the water will bubble then the food colouring will colour the water red.
A bottle
Vegetable Oil
1)Fill the bottle ¾ full with vegetable oil.
2)Fill the rest of the bottle but make sure it doesn’t overflow with water.
3)Add the food colouring in to make the bubbles a colour so you can see the bubbles.
4)Put the chopped up aspirins in and wait till it starts to bubble.
What happened was that the aspirins made the bubbles and since that the food colour sank to the bottom it made the bubbles the colour that the food colouring was.
What we found out that you need quite strong aspirins to make the lava lamp bubble.
I thought that the 1st aspirins weren’t strong enough and I was right.
Science Idea
The scientific reason for this experiment was seeing what happened when you mixed oil and water together in the same bowl/bottle.And the reason why the oil and water didn’t mix is because they have different densities.Oil is less dense than water so it sits on top of it.

by Allysha

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